Kwale Community Business Incubator

The (KCBI) harnesses skills that perhaps were considered of little value and trains the community in ways to transform them into micro businesses. These include:

  • How to tie a baby on your back
  • Traditional use of plants and herbs
  • Traditional farming techniques
  • Constructing using traditional architecture

By providing leadership and business management skills, we aim to create successful employers with thriving businesses that can inspire and provide the business experience that will enable individuals to establish their own sustainable businesses.


Kwale Sculpture Park and Heritage Trail

This exceptional heritage trail leads through Mbegani village where artworks of scale including sculptures, art installations and murals are positioned on lands belonging to the community. These awe inspiring artworks are rooted in Kenyan narratives such as

  • A tribute to Shimoni, the last stop for enslaved peoples before being taken to the Zanzibar slave markets
  • A celebration of Mekatilili wa Mwenza, a 70 year old female warrior who fought oppression and injustice
  • A portrayal of Luanda Magere, a Luo hero whose strength was hidden in his shadow
  • An artwork dedicated to Kenyan Nobel prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai and her commitment to the environment

These artworks complement local businesses that demonstrate the incredible diversity of Kenyan cultures, traditional and contemporary.




Whether you want to spend a night in the peace of the rolling hills or a few months volunteering and living with a local family, there are options for diverse accommodations situated throughout the village. You'll be well taken care of and spoilt for choice.

Nurturing Creativity

We want to encourage the imagination, get rid of the fear of failure, stimulate ideas and nurture curiosity. We need your help to do it! Get involved!

Volunteer with us

We need help to challenge mindsets, improve literacy, demonstrate different ways of doing. Volunteers are invaluable to our work.

Areas include:

  • Creating artworks
  • English classes for adults and children
  • Improved agricultural techniques
  • Hospitality training
  • Landscape design


Have an idea of how you'd you'd like to get involved? Drop us a line!