Business Incubator

The jewel in our crown. The Kwale Community Business Incubator provides training in leadership and management skills, but a whole lot more besides. We train the community in a variety of fields, whether it is improved agricultural techniques, tie and dye techniques, installing bio-gas systems, jewellery design as well as conversation classes, hosting social evenings and more.

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Kwale Sculpture Park and Heritage Trail

Rooted in Kenyan legends, folklore, histories, myths and contemporary narratives, we are working with some of the world's finest artists to create awe inspiring artworks. With the freedom to roam in a stunning rural environment, you will also be able to participate in traditional activities and workshops.

Visit, meander, enjoy!

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Be our guest for a few days or spend months volunteering with us. Don't just come for the day. Take time to enjoy some of the world's freshest air. Get fit strolling the hills and swimming the rivers. Make new friends and experience a diversity of accommodations. Look out for our artist residencies.

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Since 1993

What we want

We are passionate about how the arts, culture and heritage can make positive changes and Kenya has an abundance that we simply don't see. We want to challenge misconceptions, celebrate our heroes, contemplate our histories and explore what shapes us today.

Mbegani is a beautiful community but life is hard and that makes it difficult to see the wealth around us. We are changing that. Unleashing creativity, imagination and curiosity. We want to inspire, inform and create. We need local people to find ways to solve local problems. We need local people to challenge the status quo and become key agents in the decision making processes.

We do this by working together!


Get involved...

If you can get involved in fundraising, volunteering, advising or can think of other ways you'd like to get involved, then please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.